My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hoppy Easter

For this tutorial I used the wonderful yet freebie kit Egghunt from Cinnamonscraps which can be found HERE
Animation Shop
A little imagination.

Sometimes in a tutorial less is more and with everything included in this scrap kit I will let your imagination run wild. The only instruction I am going to give is for the pinwheel.

  1. After you have your tag pertty much how you want it to appear, and all your copyrights in place add your pinwheel. Copy the tag merged to Animation shop and paste as a new animation.
  2. Go back to PSP and slightly rotate your pinwheel being careful not to move the center.
  3. Copy merged and paste into your animation AFTER the current frame.
  • Continue to do this as many times as you would like for your desired effect, I chose 5 times.
  • Run your animation to make sure it is how you would like it to appear and save as a GIF file.
  • Like I said less can be more and I believe this is one of thise cases, there are so many ideas one could have from this kit. So play around and have a lot of fun! HOPPY EASTER! Blessed Be Ü Lorilynn

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gothic Memories

  • For this tutorial I used the scrap kit 'I LOVE YOU' from Bits and Bobs wich can be found HERE
  • I used mask 177 by VIX which can be found HERE
  • Tube of choice, mine is from the wonderful Christine and you can get her work from joining her mailing list HERE
  • Please select and open your bacground layer..
  • Layers, New Raster Layer, Transparent.
  • Flood fill with the color of your choice, I used grey because it made it more 'spooky' to me
  • Apply the VIX mask 177 to the grey layer
  • Open your tube and place it between the mask layer and the backgrond layer. Adjust transparancy on any of these if you wish. For those that do not know this can be done with the transparancy slide bar in the layers pallett
  • Merge all
  • Add embelisments copyrights, names and drop shadows as you wish.
  • Merge all
  • Save
  • Thank you for your time and I hop0e you had fun with this.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

City of Love

  • For this tutorial I used a skrap kit from AUSSIE SCRAPPERS which can be found HERE.
  • I used the wonderful 'Chubbie' artwork of Farrah Designers Scraps which can be found HERE

  • Open your backgound element and resize if needed, I used the 'Paris Mat' as my background.
  • Resize your tower or use one of your own and place as you would like it.
  • Add other elements and also position as you would like
  • Add your tube of choice
  • Apply a drop shadow to the elements you would like
  • Add copyrights and text.
  • I used the drop shadow effect over and over to highlight my text in diffrent colors, but you could also use Gradiant glow from Alien Skin... Which I have but my son has apparently lost on my computer so I can not install it lol
  • Save your work as a PNG file so as to retain the 'clear background'
  • I hope you enjoyed this tutorial Blessed Be Ü Lorilynn

Spring Storm

For the following Tutorial I used the PTU scrap kit Spring Spirit by Bluedream Designs. You can purchase the kit HERE

I used Alien Skin Xenofix which you can download a trial HERE

I used the AWESOME art work of Keith Garvey which you can get at MyPSPTubes HERE

I used the following masks as well: (I have had these masks for a while before I knew about copyright laws, I have no idea if they were stock with my PSP or not. No harm was intended and if they are yours please let me know so I can give proper credit to you

  • Open all three papers and decide what you want your base and two masks to be made from.
  • Apply each mask to the selected layer.
  • Copy merged each masked layer in the order in which you would like them to appear on top of your base layer.
  • I added two of the clouds in between the two masks. And applied a drop shadow 2, 2, 100, 23 black. I chose black because I love a good spring storm.
  • I used Alien Skin Electrafy on the clouds with the following settings, you can adjust them however you want.

  • I arranged the spring tag and bows in the way I wanted them to appear, along with drop shadows on them.
  • The only other embelishment I used was the butterfly but you can use what ever gives you the effect that you would like.
  • Add your tube of choice with a drop shadow.
  • Add all copyright information and name if desired
  • Resize your tag if desired and save,
  • I hope you enjoyed this Tut! Ü