My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

Quick Links

These are the Quick Links to my most used supplies =]

Alien Skin
Squirlz Water Reflections
Animation Shop

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sparkling Autumn

For this tutorial I have used the following supplies
  1.     November Harvest kit from Gina's Gems available HERE
  2.     Alien Skin Xenofix 2   Constellation Available in quick links
  3.     Alien Skin 5 Impact G radiant Glow  Available in quick links
  4.     The Beautiful work of Gorjuss available in my quick links
  5.     Vix Mask 421 available in quick links.  Please have this preloaded into your masks folder.
Thank you Gina for allowing me to use your kit as well as adding me to your Creative Team!

Let us begin,
  •     First open your background and foreground papers of choice.
  •     Apply Mask to your foreground paper.  Merge Group, Copy and paste onto your background paper.
  •     Copy and paste your tube where you would like
  •     Add elements as desired.  I have used NH Botanical Flower 4, NH Branch 3,  NH Double tag 3, NH Fabric Leaves deco 1 and NH Scarecrow 4.  Resize and place as desired.
  •     Add all wording (I Have used a gradient glow on my tag by changing the green glow setting in Eye Candy Impact 5 to a white)
  •     Add all copyrights
  •     Resize tag as desired.
  •     Hide background and mask layers.
  •     Merge Visable (This should merge your elements, tube and wording.)
  •     Hide Elements layer
  •     Unhide bacground and mask layer.
  •     make sure in the layers palette layer you are selected on the mask layer
  •     Go into your Xenofix and apply the following settings: (remember the seed number does not matter right now)
  •     Copy Merged
  •     Paste into Animation Shop as a new animation
  •     **Back in PSP UNDO constellation
  •     Now go back to the Effects panel and redo the effect, hitting the random seed button to change the placement of the stars
  •     Copy Merged
  •     Paste AFTER the current frame** (Redo from ** to **  at least 2 more times.  I will assume you have done it 2 more times for a total of 4 frames for the remainder of this tut)
  •     Back in PSP HIDE Mask and background layers and UNHIDE the tube layer
  •     Copy
  •     Paste into Animation shop as a new animation. Now hit CTRL+L 3x this will give you a total of 4 frames just like the other animation. (If you have more then 4 just add the extras by hitting Ctrl+L once more for each layer)
  •     Now CTRL+A (Select all) Ctrl+C (Copy)
  •     Click on the mask layer
  •     CTRL + A (Select all) and then CTRL+E Paste and click where you would like the layer placed
  •     Run and Save Animation =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For this tutorial I have used the Christmas Fantasy kit from Tooty Pup HERE
Animation Shop in my quick links above

Open a new 550x550 canvas
Choose a white Christmas tree from the elements 2 folder (I have used 9) and resize it as needed to fit into the blank canvas black drop shadow:. 5, 5, 80, 7
Effects>Artistic Effects> Aged Newspaper 25%.  This should give you a off white tree which is what we need for the image effect to work in animation shop.
Copy Merged
Paste as a new animation in Animation Shop
Right click on the blue bar around your frame in animation shop and choose Insert Image effect.
Select Rotate Colors  You can play with this as you would like.  I have mine at 5 secs and 4fps for a total of 21 frames.  You need to remember how many frames you have for when we go to add the rest of this tag.
Open Mother xmas and resize her about 30% and place her to the right of your tree with the same drop shadow as before.
Open Reindeer of choice (I used 6) and resize about 75% place on left side of tree.
Open presents and resize 50% and place between Mrs C and the reindeer
Open Candy-cane 1 plain, resize 20% and hang on reindeer's nose. Add drop shadow
Open word Art and resize to 10% Paste at the top of your tag
New Raster layer flood filled white, send to the bottom of the tag
Add all copyrights and wording now

OK here is where it can get confusing....
Delete your tree layer (yep that is what I said)
HIDE your white layer
Merge Visible (This should leave you with 2 layers even though you can only see one.  The background [white] and everything else.  Make sure that is correct before you proceed by checking in your layers pallette.)
Copy your background layer and paste as a new animation in Animation shop with your cursor inside the frame press Ctrl+Shft+L until you have 21 frames (if you have the application full screen it will tell you in the bottom right how many frames you have)
Cursor on your Christmas tree animation hit Ctrl +A (select all) and then Ctrl +C (Copy)
Cursor on your Background Ctrl + A and Ctrl + E (Paste in current frame)  BEFORE you click to place the tree make sure it is where you want it in your background.  You can always redo this step if needed.
Back to PSP and Copy the layer with all of your embellishments on it
Paste as a new animation and again make sure you have 21 frames as you did above.
Copy and paste this on top of your background and tree layers, making sure again it is placed where you would like it
resize if you would like
run animation

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I promise (Animated

Another tag made from the wonderful A Furry Christmas kit from 
Designs by Stina available HERE
enlarge to show animation

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Bauble (Animated)

For this tutorial I have used the following supplies:

A Furry Little Christmas from Designs By Stina available HERE
Animation Shop (found in my quick links at the top of the page)
Sparkle tutorial by Patti which can be found HERE (please do this before the rest of the tutorial)

Once you have done your sparkle tutorial (or you have ones of your own) we are ready to begin.
Remember to save your work often just in case ;)

  • Open a blank canvas 650x650, flood full with the background color of your choice (remember this will be the background color inside of your Christmas bauble)
  • Open bauble 05, copy and paste onto your background layer, as a new layer.  Leave it where it falls.
  • Set transparency to 50%
  • Paste the bauble again as another new layer (this will give you 2)
  • Using your freehand selection tool, feather set to zero, cut out the 'glass' part of the bauble and delete it leaving only the silver hanger part.
  • You should now have a solid silver topper and a transparent bauble.
  • Merge all
  • Using your background eraser, delete every part of your background that is outside the bauble.
  • New raster layer flood filled white
  • Send to bottom
  • Place whatever elements you would like inside your ball on top of the bauble (Shows up better this way)
  • Add wording and copyrights as required
  • Resize as desired
  • Place a few sparkles as you would like them on your image
  • Copy merged
  • Paste as a new animation in Animation Shop
  • ***Back in PSP remove the sparkles
  • Place new sparkles again in different locations
  • Copy Merged
  • Paste after current frame in Animation Shop***
  • Do the steps between the starts at least 2 more times for a total of 4 frames
  • Run Animation
  • Save