My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Alien Skin
Squirlz Water Reflections
Animation Shop

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magic and Love

For this tutorial I have used the Amethyst kit from Moonlight Laura which can be purchased HERE
Vix Mask #184, a link to which is in my quick links
Tube is *Cecelia* and by MediEvils Addiction and included in the kit
Font: A Charming font found HERE
Eye Candy 5 Impact Trial found in my quick links
Animation Shop trial which can be found in my quick links.

  • Open your color swatch.
  • Open 800x800 transparent canvas and flood fill withe the darkest purple from the swatch.
  • Apply Vix Mask and Merge Group.
  • Drop Shadow 4, 4, 100, 4, black.
  • Open paper #1 and place under mask layer.
  • Using your freehand selection tool on a zero feather, highlight around the outside of the mask
  • Invert Selection and hit delete on your keyboard. Excess paper should be gone now.
  • Open flowers of choice and arrange around the bottom right of the heart as you would wish, applying drop shadows for depth,
  • Open Cecelia poser and place under the flowers. also off to the right. Add drop shadow
  • Open Glass heart 2 and place under posers hand as ih she was carrying it. Add drop shadow.
  • Add All wording and copyrights.
  • For my text I added a gradient glow from eye candy 5 Impact. I used Dark Aura with a radius of 5. You can play around with this for the effect you would like.
  • OK here is where it gets intresting.....
  • Hide all layers BUT your mask layer (Make sure the background paper #1 is hidden as well.
  • Add noise by going to Adjust> Add/remove noise>Add Noise. I used random and I started at a setting of 10.
  • Open Animation Shop
  • Paste as a new animation (it will be large but we will fix that in a bit.
  • Back to PSP
  • Undo Add Noise (Edit>Undo)
  • Now I want you to add noise again in the same manner as before but change your setting to 20
  • Paste AFTER current frame in Animation Shop
  • Back to PSP and undo and readd again with a setting of 30.
  • Back in PSP again you can hide your MASK layer and Keep all other layers hidden except for the paper#1
  • Copy Merged
  • PASTE into Animation Shop as a NEW ANIMATION
  • Ctrl=Shft+L Two (2) times so you have a total of 3 frames.
  • ON your mask layer in Animation Shop Click inside any of the frames and then hit CTRL+A this will select all
  • Crtl+ C to COPY
  • Over to the paper 1 frames, click inside and hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E to paste.Chick again to drop this where you want it lined up.
  • (you should now have 3 frames total with your background as well as your mask in each one.
  • Back to PSP
  • Make sure MASK layer and Background paper#1 are both hidden
  • Everything else should be visible.
  • Paste into Animation Shop with a total of 3 frames (Ctrl+Shft+L tei (2) times)
  • Click inside any of the frames and then hit CTRL+A this will select all
  • Crtl+ C to COPY
  • On your Mask/paper layer click inside and hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E to paste. Click again to drop this where you want it lined up.
  • Resize animation to suit your needs by Animation>Resize Animation
  • RUN your animation
  • Save.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wildest Dreams (Click for full size)

For this tutorial I have used the Kit Old Skool from Moonlight Laura's Creations which can be purchased HERE
Animation Shop (Trial of which can be found in my quick links)

  • First open Frame 5 apply a 5, 5, 100, 10 black drop shadow.
  • Next pick your internal background paper, I have used Paper 2
  • Paste into your frame layer.
  • This is where you need to make sure your paper is under your frame over in the layers pallette.
  • Using your freehand selection tool go around the frame. Invert Selection, hit delete on your keyboard. This should insure the yellow is only inside the frame.
  • **Keep in mind to make this easier to follow you will want to have everything under your outer frame from here on out unless stated otherwise.**
  • Open Groovyclipartcarsticker 2, resize 50% and place into the frame as desired. Drop Shadow
  • Open Groovygirlclipartsticker1, resize 50% and place into frame as desired. Drop Shadow
  • Open Discoball 1 and resize 40%. Place this directly under your frame layer (nothing in between) with a drop shadow.
  • Click on your Frame Layer
  • Merge Down. This should make your disco ball and your frame one layer.
  • Hide Frame/ball layer
  • Click on the layer right below your frame/ball layer
  • Merge Visable. This will give you only 2 layers in your pallette
  • Unhide frame/ball layer
  • Add all wording and copyrights as needed for your tag. Make sure the wording and copyrights are merged into one layer.
  • Now you should have a total of 3 layers.
  • Open Animation Shop
  • In PSP Hide all but the ball/frame layer
  • in Animation Shop Paste as a new layer, 'Ctrl Shift L' This will give you 2 frames.
  • Click on the first frame, and a blue and red box will appear, click right click on the lines
  • Insert Image Effects With the following settings:
  • This will give you 15 frames.
  • Back in PSP, Hide all but the BASE layer (background, VW bus and girl) Copy Merged
  • Paste into Animation Shop as a new Animation, 'Ctrl Shft L' until you have 15 frames
  • Back to PSP, hide everything but the word/copyright layer
  • Paste into Animation shop as a new Animation and again insure you have 15 frames.
  • On the Frame animation hit CTRL A (select all) and CTRL C (Copy)
  • On the BASE layer Hit Ctrl A and then CTRL E to paste into the frame, before you click to place it down make sure it is floating where you would like it. If you mess this up you can always undo the step and redo it again.
  • Now to the Wording layer. Do the same as above applying it above frame/ball layer and the BASE layer.
  • Run your animation
  • Save

Peace & Love

  • For this tutorial I have used the Kit Old Skool from Moonlight Laura's Creations which can be purchased HERE
  • Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass (Trial of which can be found in my quick links)
  • Mask Made by me and provided below and pre-saved into your masks folder.

  1. First open your paper of choice. Apply the mask below.
  2. Merge Group.
  3. Effects>Eye Candy 5 Impact> Glass Settings:Plastic. Basic:80, 100, 0, inside, white, 1, 0, 100, 0, 28, 30, 36.
  4. Copy
  5. Open your background paper of choice. Paste peace sign on this with a 4, 4, 100, 10, black drop shadow.
  6. Using your freehand selections tool feather set on 0, go around the circle of the peace sign. Once you have this done Invert your selection and then hit delete on your keyboard. Now your background should only be inside your peace sign.
  7. Open Glitter Doodle 5. Resize about 50%. You can change this for the effect you would like. Paste in the upper left corner, duplicate, mirror.
  8. Merge Down
  9. Duplicate, Flip
  10. Apply a drop shadow.
  11. Add Lava Light and Boom Box both also with drop shadows
  12. Add little arangment of flowers as you would like, each with a drop shadow.
  13. Add your tube of choice,
  14. Add all wording and copyrights
  15. Resize
  16. Save as a png for a clear background on the image, a jpeg for a white background.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two new tags with Bed of Roses by Stina

For both of these tags I used the AMAZING kit Bed of Roses from Designs by Stina and it even comes with a great Freebie add-on! Remember get it while it is on Sale at Scrappin Brats HERE and her Blog HERE I might tut these sometime this weekend! Thanks for the great work Stina!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Mine (click for full size & Animation)

For this tutorial I have used the scrap kit Just Another Lullaby by Soxsational Scraps found HERE
Animation Shop found in my Quick Links

The following instructions are for the tag as shown, feel free to substitute elements and make it compleatly your own!
Open paper 15 and recolor in the following manner: Effects> Photo Effects> Film and Filters. I used the darkest purple in the regular color pallete and a density of 30%
Place rattle frame (girl) to the right side of the paper. Add a drop shadow, I used the setings of 5, 5, 100, 10, black.
Open tag 3 and place on the right side of the rattle. Also with a drop shadow.
Open Ted 1, Mirror, resize 90%, place under tag with a drop shadow.
Open Stars and place at the top left hand side. Apply drop shadow.
Using Taped Ribbon 2 make a frame around your tag.
Add all wording and copyright info as well as a picture inside your frame
While clicked on your top layer, Merge Visible
Using your magic wand, hold down the shift key, and click inside each star.
***Adjust> Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise, Random, Noise 10
Select None
Copy Merged
Paste as a new animation in Animation Shop
Back in PSP Undo Select None, Undo Add Noise***
Repete between stars at least two more times, increasing the number by 10 each time, pasting each new frame after your first frame in Animaion Shop
Run Animation

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inner Magic

For this tutorial I used the Vintage Dreams kit from Dorthi's Designs which can be purchased HERE
The Art Work of Suzanne Woolcott which can be purchased by following the gorjuss link in my quick links.

  • Begin by opening paper 12. Resize 12% We will call this the tag layer.
  • Open notes 3, paste into the bottom right hand corner. Duplicate, Mirror, Flip.
  • Using a drop shadow with the following settings apply a drop shadow to each of the note peices. 5, 5, 100, 10, Black. Keep this setting as you will use this for the remainder of the drop shadows in this tutorial.
  • Open Clock, resize 50% and place on the tag layer, upper right, 60% transparancy. Drop shadow.
  • Open Border 2, Mirror, resize 7%, place on the upper left corner, inside the 'notes 3' peice.Make sure it is your top layer so far, add drop shadow.
  • Open Keys, rotate left, mirror, resize 50% Place in lower right corner as if it is sitting up next to a wall. Add drop shadow.
  • Open Flower, flip, resize 20%. Place under the key layer, at the bottom, add drop shadow.
  • Open Branch, Mirror, flip, resize 10% Paste in front of flower, drop shadow (you may want to rotate this some before you add the drop shadow.) Duplicate, Mirror.
  • Insureing that your background and your bottom right "notes 3" are your bottom 2 layers, click on your background layer.
  • Add your tube of choice, depending on what you use you will have to adjust size as needed. Add a drop sadow.
  • Add all Wording
  • make sure to include all copyrights.
  • Save your tag =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

glimpse of heaven

For this tutorial I used Pink Grapes by Dorthi's Designs found HERE
Love word art also by Dorthi's Designs found HERE
The Art work of Keith Garvey which can be found in my quick links

  • Open frame 7 and place on a 800x800 transparent canvas.
  • Arange flowers as you would like around the frame. Be creative, colorize, flip, anything you would like it is endless here. To colorize I used the method of Effects>Photo Effects>Film & Filters with a dark purple at about 40%
  • Add ribbons, bows and buttons. Whatever you would like.
  • Resize 80%
  • Copy Merged to a new transparent canvas.
  • Place it near the upper right hand corner.
  • Place a background paper of choice inside the frame. I used paper 20 with a 50% transparancy.
  • Over the paper place the I love you heart.
  • Using your freehand selection tool outline your frame and then invert your selection.
  • Hit delete on the paper and the I love you heart layers. This should insure they are both inside your outline, make sure you have them placed under your frame.
  • Open tag and place glimpse of heaven inside it
  • resize
  • place on your main canvas
  • Add your tube of choice inside your frame
  • place all copyrights and wording
  • resize
  • save.