My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Summer memories

  • For this tutorial I used
  • The kit At The Beach from Bits and Bobs which can be found HERE
  • Mask #179 from VIX which can be found HERE
  • A picture that you can tube the eyes out of ** I used my cousins picture so I will not be shareing this**
  • Lets begin...
  • First I opened paper 5 and applied the mask so as to make it appear as the sky.
  • Next I took the picture of my cousin and useing the selection tool I cut out around the eyes useing a feather of 2. Just enough to make the edges rounded. I placed this under my 'sky' layer and gave it a 60% transparency.
  • Over the Sky layer I placed the bling curtain and adjusted the size to my liking.
  • Next I added the corner pieces, I started with the top left, duplicate, mirror, duplicate flip, duplicate mirror. This should make all your corners evenly spaced.
  • I added the chair to the middle... then I thought it looked a little empty so I added the sail boat UNDER the sky layer with a 70% transparency. and a 5,5,100,15 black drop shadow.
  • I added the embellishments to the corner
  • And finally I added my text of choice, and resized.
  • Don't forget your copyrights if needed.
  • Hope you enjoyed and until next time... Blessed Be