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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Color Effects Lesson

Today we are going to have a little bit of fun with different effects that are preloaded with your PSP.
I am useing the Papyrus Kit from Gemini Creationz found HERE
A picture taken by my wonderful friend Tanya Townsend which I can not share, but I am sure you can find one of your own that will work.

Lets begin.

First open your picture of choice. Make sure it is a decent size and fits whatever saying you would like to add to it.
Under EFFECTS>PHOTO EFFECTS>TIME MACHINE I used the first one, over 1839 with a 30% intensity with the photo edges ticked. This will give you your 'frame and color effects' If you would like you can play around with this to see what else you can come up with. There are some that are very pretty!
Next for to LAYERS>NEW RASTER LAYER. Normal, 100 and zero, layer is visable. Hit OK
Click on the window for this and then COPY
PASTE as new image on your workspace. (This will give you the correct size for your new images and make the additions a bit simpler.)
Now is when you allow your imagination to have some fun. Use whatever elements you would like to have around your picture. I used the flowers and the leaves and made sure each peice was in its own layer.
Once I had it looking how I wanted it to I went to EFFECTS>PHOTP EFFECTS>SEPIA TONE. Amount to age 60% This will give it all a very close effect to what the time machine did. If you played with the time machine you will need to adjust this up or down as the case may be for the effect you would like.
Now to add some color.
I picked a few of my elements and decided to color them to make them pop. To do this, I selected the element I wanted (Blue flower in the center for example) EFFECTS>PHOTO EFFECTS>FILM & FILTERS. Blue 87%. You can adjust these up and down as you would like. PIck a few and make them all diffrent colors.
Add any text or copyrights you may need. Resize and SAVE!
I hope you had fun learning some color effects today! Have a great week!
Blessed Be
Lorilynn Ü