My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Holidays

For this tutorial I used the Kit Cute Christmas by Tisha which can be purchased HERE
Animation Shop *** If desired *** which can be found in my Quick Links

Open a transparent 800 x 800 canvas

Open both christmas lights and resize to what ever you would like I believed I used about 8%. You are going to rotate these across the bottom of the empty canvas. When you reach the end of the row, Layers>Merge>Merge Visable. Drop Shadow 8,8, 100, 5, black.

Right click on your light strand, Duplicate, Flip
For animated tag:
Copy Merged, Paste as a new layer.

Minamize one of your canvases. You will keep one as your original and the other as your work canvas.

On the open one paste each of your bulbs again.

You are going to cover the green bulbs with the red and the red with the green so you can create the blinking effect.

Once again when you get to the end of the strand row, hide the base rows so all that is showing is the new lights, Copy Merged and flip to cover the top row. (to hide just go to your layers pallet and click on the eye ball next to each layer.)

Open frame of your choice and resize to fit into your canvas. Add a drop shadow if you would like. I used 4, 4, 100, 7, black.(this is the setting I will use throughout this tutorial)

Open paper of choice and paste under the frame.

Useing free hand selection tool, point to point with a zero feather go around the inside of your frame.

Switch layers so you are on the background layer and invert your selection and hit delete on your keyboard. This should give you just the inside of the frame for your new background layer.

Switch back to your frame and add a drop shadow.

Add your elements of choice inside of your frame as well as outside.

Add all copyrights needed.

If you would like a total background add it now I used the green paper which I had to resize a touch.

For a NON ANIMATED TAG, add your wording and resize. Save and you are all done.


Resize your work layer and your other light layer to the same sizes

On your work Layer COPY MERGED and PASTE as a new animation into Animation Shop Ctrl + Shft + L so you have 2 animation frames.

Light layer Copy Merged and paste on top of ONE of your Animation frames.

(To test that you have done this properly just run the animation and make sure you have everything properly lined up)

Back in PSP add your wording for your tag. Hide every other layer but your wording and copy merged

Paste as a new animation in AS, CTRL + SHFT + L to make 2 frames, Ctrl+ A and then Ctrl + C to Copy

On your base layer Ctrl + A and Ctrl + E to paste. This will be floating after you hit Ctrl+ E so make sure when you click again it is where you would like it.

Under Animation>Animation Properties you can increase the frame rate to slow down your flashing lights. Just make sure you have hi Ctrl+A so both frames are selected before youd o this.

Save your tag!