My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jail Bird

  • For this tutorial I used a kit by Gina called 'Jail Birds' Which can be purchased HERE. The great part of this kit is 100% of the proceeds are going to help her local jail, all the inmates that have no one on the outside to help them with basic needs.
  • Vix mask #250 which can be found in my quick links.
  • Edge Burst mask which comes with PSP 9 and above.

To begin open a new canvas 800x800 transprent and Open paper 03

While you have the transparent layer active, go to your flood fill tool, select either your foreground or background>Patterm>Paper 03 and resize to about 40% Flood fill the transparent layer with this.

Apply the mask to this layer, and add a drop shadow of 4, 4, 100, 5.50 Black. Merge Visable.

Place the door in the middle of your mask, and downsize it to fit your needs.

Open barbed wire and place on all four sides to make a frame.

Open Fence, and place in all four corners, you may have to move this around so the peices overlap properly and look right. Merge all fence layers and then apply a drop shadow. Place this layer behind everything else. You may have to first promote the background layer to a raster before you can do this, just right click on the background layer and convert to raster.

Place your tube of choice behind the door.

Decorate the frame as you wish with the elements in the kit.

Remember all copyrights!!

Merge Visible

Apply Edge Burst mask

Resize tag