My Daughter was born on Feb 14, 2010 and she is wonderfully healthy! Thank you for all the wonderful emails about everything. I just wanted to say that for right now since life has gotten so busy I am working mainly on tags and layouts. There will be the occasional tutorial but not as many as before. I am sorry if this causes any problems, but family comes first! I hope this finds all my followers doing well! Blessed Be! ~Lori

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I believe in Magic

For this tutorial I have used:
Heartfelt Perfections part of the FallEver Friends Colab kit which you can get HERE
The wonderful artwork of Zindy found HERE
Vix Mask #39: which can be found in my quick links at the top of the page.
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow found in my quick links as well.
Words of Magic Word Art from Rachel which you can get HERE

First you will need to add your mask to your masks folder and make sure you have your Alien Skin installed and loaded.
To start you will need to open 2 papers from the kit I have chosen #5 & #7.  7 will be my background paper so you can minimize that for now.
On paper 5 you are going to apply your mask.  Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load mask from disk.  Make sure the only things checked are Source luminance, fit to canvas and Hide all Masks.  Copy Merged
Bring your background back up and paste the new mask layer on this as a new layer.  Adjust as desired.  I have also taken the time to freehand select around the scarecrow and delete the mask covering it.
Next you are going to add your tube and place it where you would like, and use whatever elsements you like around it.  I have used only clipart 1 and the leaves (which I have duplicated and mirrored and placed under my tube.) 
Open your word art and resize.  I believed I used about 15% (because as we all know word art is normally HUGE)  Copy and paste
Now we are going to use our plug-in.  Effects > PlugIN > Eye Candy 5 > Grad. Glow.  I am using the Green Glow setting, and on the basic tab you want the following :  Outside Glow, Mask Selection, 5.00. 100, 100, 100, 65, 100 and pick whatever color you would like by clicking on the bottom box of the slider bar.  I have used a color from one of the leaves because I thought it looked nice.
Add all copyrights, names ect